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We have been working with clients for more than a quarter century to find a better way of doing things.  What we do is look for the best balance between customization and standardization, to ensure that each client gets what they most need out of their work with us.

I work with people who want to make a difference.  This requires both commitment and courage, because in order to make a difference, you must be different.  To be different, you must determine what value being different brings with it.  One of my favorite quotes, from Author Dale Dauten is “Different isn’t always better, but better is always different.”  People are looking for something different in the workplace, not only from employees and employers, but also from vendors and suppliers.

If you want to do something special and have it last and make a difference, let us work with you to make it happen.  We help businesses and individuals be different enough to really be special and familiar enough not to be weird.  How many of you have these thoughts about your businesses?

  1. We are different! - but you cannot tell anyone exactly how

  2. If it wasn’t for the economy, we would be fine

  3. Once things turn around with our customers, business will get back to normal

  4. Why don’t our employees care like I/we do?

  5. What can we do to get more market share?

  6. There is so much competition right now that it is hard to get business

  7. How can we stand out from all our competitors?

Any of these sound familiar? or do you have some of your own?

You are not the only one talking to yourself or your team like this and we can help stop the insanity.  To find out how we can help you move from where you are stuck to where you want to be, contact us.

Email:  sschmitt@changefrog.com

Phone:  (734) 259-4949.


Management Consulting and Professional Coaching

Our goal is to help you get what you want and do it by standing out in a world full of noise.

Standing out takes discipline and courage